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Cookies use flour, flour is made from wheat, wheat is a plant, plants are vegetables, vegetables are used for making…

This man is dangerously smart.

I just have no idea how that could resemble salad in any way


my idea for a new disney world ride. please signal boost this so that this ride can be at disney world.

Because girls can have dicks they want smashed between two micky mouse noses too. I just found it really funny that such an idiotic character as the fictitious creator of this image would get a gender treatment question right on instinct. 


someone probably did this before but i spent 6 minutes looking up the quote so no turning back now

alright, you want useless pokemon? let's see you explain the pidgeotto wannabes. i.e. every goddam sparrow-looking thing that you can catch in the first 5 seconds and is inexplicably all over the promotional materials for the game, including: pidgeotto, fearow, swellow, staraptor, unfezant, braviary, and fletchling. you can do one or them all, idc, they're all the same. it's like they think normal/flying and terrible sprite design are the coolest thing since the gameboy color or something.

Wow shots fired! But a lot of people do think Pokemon shouldn’t exist because of “ugh another normal/flying type.” How is each normal/flying type different then?



No one thinks Pidgeot shouldn’t exist, surely. Because he led with a Pidgeot every time, your opponent gave you an advantage with a mediocre Pokemon, but also gave you the impression that this battle was going to be real shit, because he was leading with a fully evolved Pokemon, unlike the fuckups you had met up until then. Also Pidgeot’s sprite was quite intimidating.

I was very disappointed to learn Hoothoot has two feet and only stands on one. I thought it was so cool that he only had one leg. I’d argue that returning to a patch of grass in Gold after the game has switched to night and finding it full of owls that were sleeping during the day is a novel and worthwhile experience. Hoothoot is not “another Pidgey” Also his mascara game is spot on. 

It’s hard to justify Tailow and Swellow flavor-wise. I think it’s kind of neat that he looks like such an annoying squacker in his original sprite. Tailow really justifies his existence in competition

Unfezant is one of 4 Pokemon lines with dramatic sex differences. Going through the game and getting a completely different-looking Pokemon than you expected because you didn’t pay attention to its sex is a super neat experience.

This article is fun to look at Pokemon with non-dramatic sex differences. (FEMALE RATTATA HAVE SHORTER WHISKERS?!!)

Starly is the cutest of the Pidgey Pokemon. It’s really entertaining to be able to watch a trait on a Pokemon evolve alongside the Pokemon (like Bulbasaur’s bulb) and Starley’s cute little feather evolving into a pompadour is a feature you don’t get in other Pidgey Pokemon, who just become bigger birds.

Fletchling changes from a normal/flying pokemon to a fire/flying Pokemon, differentiating itself from other Pidgey lines. 

Many people complain about “another pidgey,” but imagine a game where they didn’t make more Pidgeys. It was very disappointing in Gold to run into Pidgeys and Ratattas in your first route during the daytime. It’s disappointing to run into geodudes and zubats in games, four generations later. A little change is good. 


Pidgeotto has been outclassed by better Pokemon every generation, but it is about to get a mega evolution with a higher special attack and no guard, making it a Pokemon that can fire off hurricanes without weather support.

Noctowl and Hoothoot are not super great, but as defensive walls with interesting moves like roost, hypnosis, and dual screens, Noctowl often comes in handy as a support Pokemon for lower tiers. Insomnia is an underrated ability because of Smogon’s silly sleep clause. 

Swellow is super fun competitively. It gets guts, U-turn, and bravebird, so with a choice band and great speed, it U-turns away as a scout until it decides to stay in and wreck the opponent (and itself). If you want to surprise your opponent, Swellow also gets a stab Boomburst. It’s an NU pokemon that can do work in an OU metagame.

Unfezant… um… Smogon says it gets hypnosis and tail wind, so after it makes its partner faster in doubles it gets to cripple other Pokemon. 

Talonflame gets priority on all flying moves. That means priority tailwind and priority bravebird. It’s a monster. Many people call it “smog bird” because the smogon battling community is so addicted to it. Others call it “the bravest bird” because it uses priority bravebird in every set. 

Staraptor really deserves the title of “bravest bird.” You use it much like a swellow, but it gets a boost for recoil moves as an ability instead of needing to be burned. That means that if you’re interested in spamming bravebird, Staraptor’s your guy. He also gets intimidate if you want a Swellow for double battles. 

For the record I’m a pretty lenient person. Toph was like, “I can see everything that happens on earth and can track my daughters through the vibrations in these roots”  and I’m like


lydiallama replied to your post:Korra 4.3
also toph being literally the same character as her twelve year old self physically and in personality seems a little silly, seems like it’s just catering to the old fans

No characters ever change permanently in Avatar.

Toph tried bullying Aang to teach him earthbending and then learned that he thrived on positive reinforcement. 

When Korra needs help Toph starts by bullying her. 

Please don’t underestimate my love for these posts but isn’t the show ostensibly for kids little enough that they’d need the like explained?

Jokes can be simple and understandable without hitting you over the head. Something as easy as Toph saying, “you’re the worst Avatar I’ve ever trained,” and Korra responding, “you only trained one other Avatar!” turns over-explaining a joke into a dialogue that reveals things about both characters (Toph is snarky, Korra is impatient) and masks the exposition. The difference between that and “You’re the worst Avatar I’ve ever trained! … Even though I only trained one other Avatar…” is night and day.

Korra 4.3