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lydiallama replied to your post: “Yes, It’s Hubert’s house, but we…

i would pay money to hear the context behind this quote

Jean was positioning Hubert out of the window so that passersby could see and enjoy him.

When we got inside Jean continued to scooch Hubert’s butt onto the couch to try to improve the angle. When I said I wanted to use the couch myself, they said “this is Hubert’s House!” 

On a side note, the trailer for Taken 3 showcases Liam Nisan celebrating finding a giant stuffed animal in the trash. This is very close to how I felt on the day I found Hubert.

Presumably burglars then take his stuffed animal and he has to get it back. So basically Holywood owes me a royalty check. 

Male author: I guess women are people

Please stop prefacing your life tales with “okay, story time,” tumblr. It enrages petty misanthropes like me.

Yes, It’s Hubert’s house, but we live here too!
From an argument about how much we should inconvenience ourselves for a giant stuffed monkey
Good question!

Good question!


tis the season of impulsive candy purchases 

I want to paint that.

That is the wrong reaction. 

It’s so sour it’s like eating yogurt

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Chapter 1: Fat shaming

Chapter 2: Make fun of people who self-harm.

Ok we’re off to a great start Jo just keep chugging.

Based on a conversation I had with my sibling Jean. 

Based on a conversation I had with my sibling Jean.